Wednesday, May 08, 2002

OKAY, KIDS, OFF TO AMSTERDAM I'll see you later with a report on the non-campaign in the wake of the Fortuyn killing.
GOOD CONFEDERATE BASHING here courtesy of Glenn Kinen. I couldn't agree more. Rebs are traitors and it's as simple as that. Everthything in the country currently named after Jeff Davis, Bob Lee, and the rest of that gang out to be renamed in honor of Sumner and Ben Wade. Love that reconstruction.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

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"STOP BLAMING EUROPE" whines eurowhiner in chief Chris Patten. Europe's not antisemitic at all he says.

My own father, like so many others, spent six years of his life fighting this wickedness; my wife's father was killed after D-Day. America's intervention in the war was decisive. Evil was repelled. And afterward, British servicemen continued to do what they believed to be their duty, fulfilling the United Nations mandate in Palestine, where many were killed by terrorists who were not Palestinian.
Why, it's not like a major European commissioner would be saying that Jews in pre-independence Israel were morally equivalent to the nazis. Of course not. That would be antisemitic. Hm.
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YOU MIGHT THINK THAT THIS would have put a stop to crap like this, but those of us familiar with the Bush Doctrine -- if you harbor potential oil profits, you are a member of the anti-terror coalition -- knew better than to expect a principled reaction from this administration.

If only Dubya could choose Israel to be the issue on which to pander to his Christian base instead of, say, funding for vital family planning programs in the third world. I guess as long as it's only Jews, women, and the poor that suffer, neither the Bush nor the Saud dynasties feel the need to worry.

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SO I SUPPOSE I SHOULD SAY SOMETHING about the Pim Fortuyn assassination. First I'll reiterate a point made elsewhere: Referring to a man who believes Muslim immigration should be halted in order to protect gay rights and the rights of women as an "extreme right" figure is absurd. If you want to link him up with le Pen, you should say that "anti-immigrant" candidates have been gaining in strength across Europe, not far right ones.

Fortuyn's success, it seems to me, tends to indicate that the larger European trend is indeed anti-immigrant (or, more specifically, anti-multicultural) rather than far right per se.

His assassination is, of course, apalling and quite potentially significant (though I don't think I'll be subscribing to the Kausfiles theory that only heads of state have been more important than assassins in recent times) but it's hard to say how. As Virginia Postrel says it'll probably depend on what we can find out about his killers.

By coincidence, however, I'll be traveling to Amsterdam tomorrow so perhaps I'll be able to pick up some useful observations on the Dutch situation.

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ARIELLE WRITES FROM ENGLAND, WONDERING if rather than Europeans being worried about a "Jewish lobby" controlling America's Israel policy, we Americans shouldn't be worried about a Muslim lobby controlling Europe's thinking on the Middle East. There are way more Muslims in France (and England) than there are Jews in the US. On the other hand, many Muslims in Europe are non-citizens and one never hears of a Europolitician chasing the Muslim vote. Maybe someone better informed than I could say what proportion of the Euroelectorate is Muslim and/or Arab. Might be interesting.

Monday, May 06, 2002

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IN OTHER NEWS, THE RETURN of virtual kiddie porn-related commentary to this site has, predictably, been driving up the traffic numbers, including visitors searching not only for "virtual kiddie porn," but also for "alex michel porn," "John Malkovich porn," and perhaps most disturbingly "Kristen Schurr porn."

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ALEX RUBALCAVA ATTACKS MY earlier attack (ah blogosphere self-parody) on anti-smoking laws, writing:

One of the things I'm going to enjoy most when I return to California in the summer are the smoke-free bars and clubs.
I'm glad Alex enjoys smoke-free bars and clubs. When I was a smoker I greatly enjoyed smoke-friendly bars and clubs. Now that I'm an ex-smoker I find being around smokers very difficult and prefer to patronise smoke-free establishments. I suspect that Alex and I aren't alone. Why, if there were enough of us, someone might decide that banning smoking from their bar might be a good way to attract customers.

What's that I smell? A free market solution? Could be...

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THE LOVELY ARIELLE INFOMED ME this morning that there was going to be a big pro-Israel Rally in London. Check out OxBlog's account if you're interested.

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JOSH MARSHALL IS REPORTING THAT DICK CHENEY's recent visit to the Middle East failed because he was set up by none other than the US Department of State.

This is obviously a very troubling idea and many in the blogosphere may be inclined to just go in for another round of bitching about Colin Powell. The real blame, however, for bad things that the State Department does has to lie with El Presidente himself. A strong leader wouldn't let his subordinates engage in this sort of vicious warfare against each other. A strong leader would be able to educate himself about a situation and form a policy on it. Of course, we "elected" a moron to the White House so this is what we get.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

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JOHN MALKOVICH GETS IT! The famed actor was asked by the Cambridge Union debating society who he would most like to "fight to the death."

Malkovich replied that Robert Fisk and virulent anti-Israel MP George Galloway were topping his list and that he'd rather just shoot them.

Good stuff.

Via Mac Thomason.